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🕐 06-06-17 04:21damessenjah wrote:
I did a quick overview on the lens on Wikipedia. Then I went to B&H to see if it is available and read the reviews. It appears that the Takumar design has been discontinued but they are still available on ebay (and reasonable priced at that) . But I need to read up more on this before I can make any kind of decision. On B&H the few reviews that I read on the Pentax are saying that the 100mm struggles with CA, which was my struggles with this photo. I did find some Groups on Flickr that feature Takumar and will peruse it some later this evening.

Sell me on it. Why Pentax SMC Takumar?
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Street Wedding
Photo by damessenjah
🕐 05-18-17 02:08damessenjah wrote:
It happened a few weeks before we were there. I was wondering if this was the actual bridge.
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Restocking the Club (Kickin' the Keg)
Photo by damessenjah
🕐 05-18-17 02:06damessenjah wrote:
I was amazed at the detail that the camera caught behind the transparent drapes that were red. What I was seeing, and what came out in the color shot ( was just the red with very little detail of what was behind the drapes.
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Who's The Window Watcher?
Photo by damessenjah
🕐 05-18-17 01:57damessenjah wrote:
I agree. I think my mistake was made at the time I took the shot. I should have point metered instead of averaging. I tried adjusting in post but to no avail.
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Face, The Crowd
Photo by damessenjah
🕐 05-18-17 01:53damessenjah wrote:
That was what I was trying for. The girl is my daughter and the guy her 4th grade crush. I was trying to document the moment and pull out a subject in the midst of a crowd.
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The Cast (Bait on Hook)
Photo by damessenjah
🕐 11-09-16 18:57damessenjah wrote:
The black speck in the upper right corner is the baited hook being flung.
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Photo 31282
Photo by macboy
🕐 04-20-14 01:19damessenjah wrote:
I'm looking foreword to what you will do with this 6D, especially at the higher ISOs. This ISO 500 shot has no noticeable noise. Let's see some Hong Kong at night.
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Preparing a Feeding Program
Photo by damessenjah
🕐 03-25-14 02:53damessenjah wrote:
Taken at a feeding program for under nourished children living in a squatter community. The two guys are volunteers from the community and as it is a program sponsored by a church the guy in red must have felt compelled to wear a religious shirt. It is not uncommon to see guys wearing lipstick but it is uncommon to see it in a religious setting, thus the picture (and now you know).
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The Boss
Photo by damessenjah
🕐 07-15-13 18:07damessenjah wrote:
I have not yet bought a flash unit and to be honest am a little intimidated by the thought of using flash. I have yet to study how. I need to go ahead and buy both a flash unit and a book on how to use flash. I do admire the shots where I suspect fill flash has been used but it was so subtle that I am not even sure that flash was used. The pop up flash on my 7D just blasts a bunch of light everywhere and I do not like the results. Maybe I should learn if I can use the pop up flash to add fill light. Any thoughts?
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End of long Ride
Photo by wfzd
🕐 05-25-13 16:37damessenjah wrote:
Sounds like some stiff arms as well. At least it wasn't a hardtail.