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Four Daughters - What haven't you told Dad
Photo by sjackson
🕐 12-28-14 13:26sjackson wrote:
A good group to photograph. Some people just make it easy. Thanks.
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I still enjoy stone age photography!
Photo by opal
🕐 02-23-14 15:05sjackson wrote:
I agree completely with your feelings.
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Photo by bajanexile
🕐 09-08-13 09:15sjackson wrote:
Love the round foreground stones contrasting with the lines of the cliff then contrasting again with the soft texture of the clouds.
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Photo 508001
Photo by goki
🕐 09-01-13 16:02sjackson wrote:
It just doesn't get any better than this. There is a whole story in the photograph and there isn't anything that could make it better IMO. I'm always happy when I have that lens in front of my camera, and it never disappoints. This is a perfect example.
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From Whence It Grows?
Photo by nomad
🕐 07-25-13 18:49sjackson wrote:
Great shot. Looks like the rock formation on the loop around Fort Davis.
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Fitness Center
Photo by dalth500
🕐 07-23-13 12:20sjackson wrote:
Well done. There are so many layers in this picture. Contrast of someone running vs. not. Passive vs. active. Monotony, sameness, order and orderly, etc. Being done in B&W makes it even stronger. And the B&W is well done.
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