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Photo 543771
Photo by philber
🕐 06-08-15 06:47merrill wrote:
A photographer, and a lens, showing how good they can be!
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Photo 543782
Photo by jhemp_00
🕐 06-08-15 06:44merrill wrote:
Best of an excellent series.
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Photo 543788
Photo by anatoly15
🕐 06-08-15 06:43merrill wrote:
Wonderful contrast in textures.
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No Title. Cambridge, UK
Photo by sjackson
🕐 09-30-14 12:47merrill wrote:
Crop the wall from the right hand side - as we look at it - and I think a good photograph becomes a great one.
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Photo 540329
Photo by zek
🕐 09-30-14 12:45merrill wrote:
Zek, both are great portraits but I prefer the amount of detail in the skin tones in this one.
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Photo 539795
Photo by ronny olsson
🕐 08-25-14 04:34merrill wrote:
A wonderful set.
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Photo by donuss
🕐 08-09-14 12:44merrill wrote:
Lilia is correct - this is wonderful work.
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Ibaraki-ken Japan
Photo by dalth500
🕐 08-09-14 12:42merrill wrote:
Superb !
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Almost Done!
Photo by photosphere42
🕐 08-07-14 07:40merrill wrote:
Very, very impressive!
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Photo 539082
Photo by hasse58
🕐 06-27-14 10:31merrill wrote:
Great composition