Comments by Paul Kuntz

🕐 12-13-16 2:29 PMpvkuntz
Photo 52483
Wonderful lighting, expression and composition. Nicely done!
🕐 01-28-13 6:52 AMpvkuntz
Photo 24804
Great composition and use of light. Well done.
🕐 06-21-10 8:21 PMpvkuntz
Mt Cook at midnight II
Totally awesome! Nice work!!

🕐 06-14-10 3:23 PMpvkuntz
By: paky
This is a very engaging shot. I like it!

The only thing I might recommend is to touch up the loose hair coming off her right cheek that goes over her upper lip. But if you are a "purist," I DO RESPECT THAT!

Thanks for posting this.

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