Comments by Laurence Segil

🕐 11-29-10 3:46 AMljsegil
Morning after the storm
By: JT
But that's a mighty nice shot to show for all your gruel. I love the ZF 2.8/21mm, to my mind, and supported by your beautiful pano, it may be one of the all time great wide angle lenses for the 35mm/FX format (D)SLR, and can hold its own with the Leica and Zeiss rangefinder lenses, no trivial feat.
🕐 10-8-10 4:22 AMljsegil
Autumn Panorama, St. Peter's Dome, Mellen WI
A composite of three images, my first attempt (as one can probably tell) at using Photoshop to create a panorama. Kodak Ektar 100, Zeiss Ikon Rangefinder camera, exposure details lost to posterity.
🕐 08-2-10 3:27 AMljsegil
"The Look Out"
Just a lovely image Stephen. I think the 21/2.8 is such a wonderful lens, easily my current favorite optic. Excellent tonal range and discrimination for digital B&W, did you shoot as monochrome in camera or convert an RGB file during post-processing? Either way very impressive.
🕐 07-22-10 8:26 AMljsegil
Urban Sunrise, Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal #4
Thank you very much. I think the unusual look is a fortuitous combination of a great shooting location, the broken cloud formation, city smog, and Velvia 50 resulting in enhancment of the reflected color of the sun below the horizon. Of course credit should also go to the marvellous Zeiss optics of the SL66.

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