Comments by Ryan

🕐 10-1-10 8:35 AMrsolti13
Photo 3359
It was with the 35, I forgot to change the lens info in camera when I took this
🕐 07-1-10 12:47 PMrsolti13
Photo 2310
By: atman
I think a B/W conversion would do wonders for this pic
🕐 06-21-10 7:27 AMrsolti13
Photo 1934
sounds like a reason for me to purchase a T/S if I could only convince the wife :) Thanks
🕐 06-18-10 11:19 AMrsolti13
Photo 1777
By: guma
fantastic colors
🕐 06-17-10 9:57 AMrsolti13
The Majestic
Andreas, fantastic work in your portfolio with this lens. WOW!
🕐 06-15-10 2:30 PMrsolti13
Photo 1627
All lens.....I barely increased sharpness at all. Not quite SOOC, but pretty darn close
🕐 06-15-10 8:29 AMrsolti13
Photo 838
philber, great shot! Haven't seen this one yet, you hiding more pics in here?
🕐 06-15-10 7:57 AMrsolti13
Seoul By Nightfall
By: kanuck
Great shot! Look at those stars, fantastic
popflash photo
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