Comments by Martha Benedict

🕐 03-4-11 10:44 AMmfbenedict
Ceiling, Natural History Museum, London
Wonderful. Inspiring. Print-worthy. Sellable.
🕐 12-1-10 12:13 PMmfbenedict
Photo 3884
He was an amazingly cooperative dragonfly who kept totally still, allowing me to get off lots and lots of shots for the best focus and angle at f/5.6.
🕐 12-1-10 9:59 AMmfbenedict
By: howdex
Wonderful image. The magic of the 85mm is apparent.
🕐 12-1-10 9:56 AMmfbenedict
Ball's in Fall
By: howdex
What is this amazing place?
🕐 12-1-10 9:53 AMmfbenedict
Photo 5686
By: howdex
This proves you can get a brilliant butterfly photograph without being close.
🕐 11-29-10 7:53 PMmfbenedict
Photo 7375
Thanks, I'm looking now. Desert plants have subtle and varied colors.
🕐 11-29-10 6:50 PMmfbenedict
Photo 3884
Thanks. Sweet face, don't you think?
🕐 10-20-10 7:29 PMmfbenedict
Photo 1599
Almost Escher. Subtly dazzling.
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