Comments by Jt

🕐 09-14-20 12:12 PMJT
Squirrel without APO #C
Love it !
🕐 09-12-20 9:35 AMJT
Second Beach, Olympic Nat. Park, Washington.
Disregard my last comment about shi shi :) I used the search feature of the site and there they were. Love them!
🕐 09-12-20 9:33 AMJT
Second Beach, Olympic Nat. Park, Washington.
Love peninsula beaches. They are awesome. Have anything of Shi Shi ?
🕐 05-14-20 1:32 PMJT
01 / Carl Zeiss Jena Main Site (2017)
Wow. lots of detail and crispness. Love it!
🕐 05-4-20 8:06 AMJT
Photo 104332
love it!. Could be a fixer upper and a nice house :)

Where is this?
🕐 05-2-20 12:44 PMJT
Photo 104262
You gotta love the DB's! I have an F-Type which looks very similar but it's no DB.

Which 35 did you use? I am a ZM but would like a Milvus 35 as well.
🕐 04-13-20 8:01 PMJT
A Happy and a Safe Easter to my Friends on Zeissimageshoto - 104181
As always, fantastic and well documented. Love it!
🕐 02-19-20 8:53 AMJT
Photo 44010
I was at the museum in Oxford and its very similar.

Embeded Photo
🕐 02-17-20 9:10 AMJT
Photo 43106
love the bokeh here. A busy background rendered pleasantly by a fantastic lens!
🕐 01-9-20 12:07 PMJT
Photo 103799
By: zeissy
Wow. Very Golden view of the city :)
🕐 12-24-19 10:54 PMJT
Photo: 103722
Great colors and wonderful bokeh. Very smooth.

Also, FYI, I moved your comment to the photo notes where it will be better picked up by search engines.
🕐 12-1-19 11:43 AMJT
Photo 103656
By: stroop
Wow. Stunning photograph. Always a pleasure seeing what you post.
🕐 11-23-19 4:13 PMJT
Jordanian Pipe Band
Get with the program! Love the look here. Excellent capture!
🕐 11-23-19 9:04 AMJT
Fantastic moment! Love the smile, the subject isolation and I love that it looks like film to me.
🕐 11-23-19 8:53 AMJT
Photo - 103638
By: picman
so lonely :(
🕐 11-22-19 11:30 AMJT
Staithes Sunrise
Is this skye?
🕐 11-11-19 5:19 AMJT
Photo - 103537
That's actually pretty nice bokeh and transition. I like it.
🕐 10-21-19 7:58 AMJT
Olga Kobzar
By: eriver
This looks like a classic old Kodachrome advert. Super!
🕐 10-21-19 7:55 AMJT
Photo: 103452
By: picman
Nice balance!
🕐 09-23-19 8:37 PMJT
Olga Kobzar
By: eriver
Wow. Interesting to see the transition in appearance over the years you have been posting photos of this model. She has definitely bloomed into "super" status. An AWESOME subject!
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