Comments by Jenni Kupelian

🕐 12-10-16 1:19 PMjennikupelian
Photo 52151
By: kvarsh
Her personality shows here :)
🕐 12-5-16 10:48 PMjennikupelian
By: zermie
Lovely colors...reminds me of a monet or impressionist painting
🕐 12-5-16 10:44 PMjennikupelian
By: kanuck
Interesting light...
🕐 12-5-16 10:41 PMjennikupelian
"Fall colors"
Good bokeh!
🕐 12-5-16 10:41 PMjennikupelian
My Home Town @ Night
By: slenz
beautiful! I know know very much about stitching images together..interesting..
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