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Photo 102607
By: mr.t
Hi Paul and thank you for the kind words. For your information can I mention that the picture is shot in the Nepalese Himalaya, about four (4) days trek from Lukla, towards Mt.Everest basecamp.

And yes, the views in this part of the world is stunning.

Further more, the nepalis is really friendly, (and Nepal as a whole is very cheap) so it is very easy for a foreigner to travel there.

Higly reccomemded !


// T.
🕐 07-6-17 1:17 PMmr.t
Home from Iraq
Epic !
🕐 06-10-16 9:40 AMmr.t
The Rocky Wave
By: gregg
Fantastic !
🕐 12-23-15 12:43 AMmr.t
Sunrise national day, 2013.
By: mr.t
ericgl wrote:

Clarity & noise are a bit high, but I like it.\n\n\nHi and Thanx for your comment !

The reason for the defects you`re pointing out, could probably be found in the processing . This picture is processed on a non- calibrated laptop in Nik HDR-EFEX 2 software, and my first (and so far) only serious attempt to process in a NIK-software.

Anyway, Thanx for stoppning by and share your reflections with me (and other wiewers in the futute).

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