Comments by Edgar

🕐 12-23-17 10:01 AMecarql
Photo 52195
By: ecarql
hyperfocal wrote:

It could be a travel poster.\n\n\n

🕐 12-23-17 10:01 AMecarql
Photo 52195
By: ecarql
atlantel wrote:

Krabi ?\n\n\n
🕐 12-4-16 7:24 AMecarql
Photo 52195
By: ecarql
bezdan wrote:

Amazing image!\n\n\n
Thank you!!
🕐 12-12-15 2:11 PMecarql
Pretty Pretty Lady
This is a spectacular image, congrats!
🕐 12-12-15 1:57 PMecarql
View on Manarola village
Wow! I like the contrast between light and dark. Nice capture!
🕐 12-10-15 8:50 AMecarql
A dogs life
Really sharp and nice colors. I like the way it makes me understand the situation and feel as the dog feels. Nice!
🕐 12-10-15 8:40 AMecarql
The View from Machu Picchu Mountain
Wow, stunning shot! Really like that light
🕐 12-10-15 8:38 AMecarql
Photo 47198
Nice colors!
🕐 12-8-15 2:00 PMecarql
By: stroop
Amazing landscape, love the contrast between the clouds and solar light, and the tonal contrast green-gray. Excellent!
🕐 12-8-15 1:38 PMecarql
Photo 46191
The composition is amazing and the colours are so natural, well done!
🕐 12-8-15 1:34 PMecarql
Photo 45343
By: stroop
Wow! Incredible photo! Love the colours and the light. No words for the composition. Congrats :)
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