Comments by Stjepan Svaljek

🕐 12-28-15 12:44 AMstjepan
By: stroop
very nice composition, great amount of detail, a lot to look at in this photograph. nicely handled DR, which is huge. congrats on winning the contest, well deserved!
🕐 12-16-15 3:54 AMstjepan
Happy Journey III
Very nice lightning and nicely captured mood. That lens is amazing, want one! :)
🕐 12-13-15 3:34 AMstjepan
The View from Machu Picchu Mountain
Nice view of the famous location, and extraordinary light to boot. Well done!
🕐 12-13-15 3:31 AMstjepan
Mt Anne, Southwest National Park, Tasmania
Very nice composition and I like the image processing in particular. Plenty of details to have the eyes wander through the image. What are those plants in the middle of the picture, to the right? Trees of some sort?
🕐 12-8-15 9:56 AMstjepan
World of warcraft
I like the doom-feel of this picture. It captures the mood really nicely. Composition is also pleasing, with different elements to lead the eye. Kudos
🕐 12-8-15 9:37 AMstjepan
The kingfisher
Very precise execution, timed beautifully!
🕐 12-8-15 9:30 AMstjepan
Montparnasse view
Very cool capture of the Eiffel, the bokeh is quite pleasing and compliments composition nicely.
🕐 12-8-15 9:27 AMstjepan
Lenticular Goosebumps
I like the composition, and lenticular clouds in particular. Wish we had them more over here where I live in Europe.
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