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Photo by: sidaths
It was our second day in Iceland and the first day out of Reykjavik. We spent the early part of the day driving up to this region in the far west of Iceland hoping to see the summit. Despite being around the area for several hours, hiking along the coast and watching the gulls and terns nest this was the only time we saw it, as the clouds parted just after 11pm.

At the time we had the cameras up on the tripods pointing hopefully Northwards. With a brisk westerly wind chilling us as we huddled around the back of the car eating canned tuna and bread we waited. Then the wind then blew a gap in the clouds past the summit and I rushed to my waiting camera and with tuna-stained fingers clicked away. Our patience in being there despite the cold paid off.

At the time, this was the Northern-most point on the globe I'd been to. Behind me there was the ocean, and then nothing... no land until the Antarctic 10,000 miles of Atlantic away.

Snæfellsjökull, Iceland
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Dusk in Dubrovnik
Photo by: sidaths
Forty minutes after the sun fell beneath the waves, the lights of Dubrovnik and a departing cruise liner winked into shimmering existence.

When out in the wilderness, getting to a good spot for the sunset is difficult because you usually need to walk there and ensure that you're carrying enough water and food to make the journey there and back. Being in a busy city presents its own challenges -- although food is easily obtained, you can't simply walk where you want to go. You need to navigate the (often rush hour) road networks so as not to trespass and hope that the spot you pick on a road map doesn't have an obscured view.

This evening we sped off an hour before sunset to try and get enough altitude for an overview of Dubrovnik. We didn't get there in time for the sunset, but we found this spot in time for dusk. It wasn't the safest place, with several people and dogs eyeing us as we hastily found parking and ran down the road and up refuse heaps and concrete blocks to get the view we wanted without distractions in the foreground.

I didn't have my tripod (I know, schoolboy error!) I had to take this handheld. I took several frames and this was the least blurry.

Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2012
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Horseshoe Bend - Milky Way
Photo by: mathieu
This looks like it may have been taken with a Samyang 14mm and I'm sure there's an interesting story behind it. Great composition :)
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Padar Island
Photo by: alexfoong
Great location -- I love all the crescent bays. If you don't mind my asking, where was this taken?
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Atop his cardboard stage
Photo by: sidaths
Among the throngs of people milling about, donkeys pulling carts, motorcycles whizzing about and all around the shout of people bargaining, the clinging of cutlery, the toots of horns and distant rumbles of thunder this old man peacefully set up his stage.

He silently pulled out his musical instrument and lit his lantern. Light spread into a flickering and wobbling puddle separating him from the bustle of the medina. Atop his cardboard stage he began playing and I was the only one listening.
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Photo by: sidaths
A wisp of incense curls on a cool draft in a temple in the Ancient Sri Lankan city of Polonnaruwa.

On the Northern end of the ancient Polonnaruwa city complex lies the Thivanka Image House. The main attractions of this site are the exterior sculptures, interior frescoes and the large Buddha statue inside. The name 'Thivanka' apparently means 'three curves' and so the structure gets its name from the three distinct curves in the statue's posture.

While the frescoes and statue were particularly lovely, I quite liked this view from beside the statue facing outwards. While the walls of this structure have stood for centuries, the incense stick, the smoke it produced and the breeze that toyed with it were all painfully ephemeral.

Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka, 2014

Sony a7R with Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8
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Bamburgh Castle
Photo by: sidaths
A brief break in the wind tossed cloudcover casts evening light on Bamburgh Castle.

Bamburgh, Northumberland, England, 2015

Sony a7R with Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8
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Fruits of Globalization
Photo by: sidaths
It may be midwinter in England, but thanks to globalization we can still get fresh fruit!

Natural window light from a low winter sun in conjunction with shallow depth of field highlighted the spurts of juice.

Cambridge, England, 2015

Sony a5100 with Zeiss FE 16-35mm f/4
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View of the evening Rovinj
Photo by: alpav72
Nice juxtaposition of warm and cold colours. The yacht on the left makes the shot :)
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Charlie Sheringham
Photo by: gregwoodward
Awesome moment. I'd like the ball to have a little more space between it an the edge of the frame, but the pose of the footballer and the lighting more than make up for it.
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Photo by: vdphotography
I wish the moon was a little further away from the edge of the frame. Apart from that it's great, I particularly like the flow of the edge of the boat against the sky.