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🕐 12-26-16 8:01 AMzermie
Fiery Warehouses
By: zermie
ct999 wrote:

wow, how are all the buildings red and orange, too?! looks so marvelous! what was the shutter speed?\n\n\n

Thanks a lot! It was 30sec. Played a bit with the white balance during post processing.. =)
🕐 07-13-16 1:05 PMzermie
Living on the Water
By: zermie
Thanks a lot mate!
🕐 01-21-16 9:39 AMzermie
Old Lüneburg Harbor I
By: zermie
Thanks a lot!
🕐 01-20-16 11:40 AMzermie
Old Lüneburg Harbor I
By: zermie
If an admin reads this; Could you add the Loxia 21mm f/2.8 to the lens list, please?
Thank you!
🕐 01-2-16 11:22 AMzermie
Fiery Warehouses
By: zermie
Thank you very much! I was going there just to capture that view =)
🕐 12-28-15 1:43 AMzermie
By: stroop
Congratulations, well deserved! It's an awesome image!
🕐 12-1-15 12:17 PMzermie
Nightfall over Lauenburg
By: zermie
Thank you very much! Very glad you like it!
Just started with the Sony and the 55, but i am very satisfied with the lens right now.
🕐 11-30-15 10:37 AMzermie
By: zermie wrote:

fantastique ! Félicitations !!!\n\n\n

Many thanks! Appreciate it!
🕐 11-26-15 11:50 PMzermie
Pink Morning
By: zermie
Many thanks, Sidaths! I really appreciate your constructive feedback.
I will try out how it works if I darken the water a bit more.
🕐 11-26-15 1:45 PMzermie
Through the fog
This is simply amazing! The light play is so beautiful within you composition! Absolutely excellent job!
🕐 11-26-15 1:26 PMzermie
Fishing in the Wave
Gives a great sense of scale, great job!
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