Comments by Eric Z

🕐 03-27-16 1:11 AMericgl
Anemonefish with isopod in mouth
Lovely color!
🕐 12-29-15 5:06 AMericgl
Lovely colors here.
🕐 12-27-15 10:44 PMericgl
By: stroop
Congratulations on winning the contest.
Truly awesome shot!!
🕐 12-24-15 12:43 AMericgl
Natural Objection
Good shot all around - framing, editing. It shows that some thought was put into it.
🕐 12-22-15 11:45 PMericgl
Mt Anne, Southwest National Park, Tasmania
This is a great composition and framing.
The sharpening is a little too much, though.
🕐 12-22-15 11:42 PMericgl
Happy Journey III
Good shot. Lovely body+lens combo.
Wish I could afford it.
🕐 12-22-15 11:36 PMericgl
Sunrise national day, 2013.
By: mr.t
Clarity & noise are a bit high, but I like it.
🕐 12-22-15 11:33 PMericgl
By: laowai
Would have been cool if you captured it "freezed" in mid spin...hehe
🕐 12-22-15 11:31 PMericgl
Come full circle
By: j-b
To me it looks like a good selection and a gradient fill.
Good result, none the less.
🕐 12-10-15 5:45 AMericgl
Happy Journey
Now that's "Pop". Superb shot...I just love this lens.
Hope I get to own it one day.
🕐 12-10-15 5:43 AMericgl
The kingfisher
Superb catch.
🕐 11-30-15 4:47 AMericgl
Beautiful shot!
🕐 11-24-15 12:47 AMericgl
Gentlemen in the Park
Very good shot.
You certainly have a nice body+lens lucky bas***d.
Wish I could afford such a setup.
🕐 11-24-15 12:32 AMericgl
Fishing in the Wave
Excellent shot.
🕐 11-22-15 5:24 AMericgl
My Proposal to Terra
Hehe...what a place to offer a ring.
🕐 11-22-15 5:23 AMericgl
I like the colors here. Almost (modern) film-like.
🕐 11-22-15 5:22 AMericgl
Taj Mahal
The detail is wonderful.
popflash photo
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