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🕐 01-29-16 3:25 AMluca.f
By: luca.f
hyperfocal wrote:

Is it Lago Pehoe?\n\n\n

Very close, is the way to Mirador Cuernos, close to Salto Grande. Did you visited Torres del Paine? ;)
🕐 11-18-15 12:42 AMluca.f
Photo 45138
Hi Adele, compliments for the great picture!

Where is this place? Looks like North of Canada or Patagonia...that's right?
🕐 11-18-15 12:40 AMluca.f
By: luca.f
frs6co wrote:

great pictures. like the colors\n\n\n

Thank you!
🕐 11-18-15 12:40 AMluca.f
By: luca.f
eraserhead wrote:

Great capture. Love the sun rays!\n\n\n

Thank you, it was a great moment, Julierpass is one of the best place for photography, do you know it?
🕐 11-18-15 12:39 AMluca.f
By: luca.f
danredwing wrote:

I think that desaturation works really well here! Love it!\n\n\n

Thanks a lot!
🕐 11-16-15 5:39 AMluca.f
By: luca.f
hawkowl wrote:

Stunning light! Looks like you desaturated the colors intentionally?\n\n\n

Hi, thank you. Yes, I desaturate the colours very often to give a deeper effect to my pictures.
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