Comments by Sean Quigley

🕐 12-1-15 8:48 AMunsean
Storm coming in
By: unsean
Thank you
🕐 11-20-15 4:15 PMunsean
By: unsean
Thanks. No it's an HDR effect
🕐 11-15-15 8:14 AMunsean
By: JT
Snap, exactly the combo in my bag right now
🕐 11-15-15 8:12 AMunsean
Columbia River Gorge
Nice interesting shot
🕐 11-10-15 7:58 AMunsean
Elegant Pillars
What a cracking render.
🕐 11-10-15 7:54 AMunsean
By: stroop
Very Nice shot
🕐 11-10-15 7:46 AMunsean
Evening Light
By: beso
I love this lens it's one of my favorites, it gives such a peinted look, beautiful rendering.

🕐 11-10-15 7:42 AMunsean
Gentlemen in the Park
Great 3d shot, super feel to it.
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