Comments by Borys Las-opolski

🕐 01-4-16 12:59 AMborys las-opolski
Happy Journey
Hey ! Thanks for Hall of Fame :-) !
🕐 12-27-15 1:53 AMborys las-opolski
Happy Journey III
Thanks !!!
🕐 12-14-15 6:10 AMborys las-opolski
Happy Journey II
Hey thanks ! For my pictures with the Zeiss Apo Sonnar 2/135 I used a Nikon D800 10/2013-07/2014 and a D810 from 07/2014 till now. Best choice for this lens ! (Ok, didn't tried a 5Ds/r yet... A7RI+II was a little bit unbalanced)
🕐 12-10-15 1:44 AMborys las-opolski
Happy Journey
Thank you !
🕐 11-26-15 2:23 AMborys las-opolski
Gentlemen in the Park
ericgl wrote:

Very good shot.
You certainly have a nice body+lens lucky bas***d.
Wish I could afford such a setup.\n\n\n

Yeah sure... some guys have cars... I have a camera ;-)
🕐 11-11-15 1:58 AMborys las-opolski
Gentlemen in the Park
Thanks guys !
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