Comments by Kevin Sink

🕐 01-23-16 11:55 AMhawkowl
Lenticolar landscape
Wow. Very intense! Great shot.
🕐 01-6-16 11:50 AMhawkowl
Full moon Aubeterre sur Dronne
Extraordinary image! Very inspirational, with a great feel. Congratulations!
🕐 01-6-16 11:48 AMhawkowl
Intermittent Entry
Incredibly 3 dimensional experience. The light/shadow, depth of field, use of color all creates a really dynamic push/pull.... great balance too. Supercool.
🕐 11-25-15 7:06 AMhawkowl
By: west
That's way cool. Simplicity plus movement plus great compositional balance! You nailed it!
🕐 11-25-15 7:04 AMhawkowl
A poem from far away
That's breathtakingly cool. Love the subtle foreground incoming wave. Elegant work!
🕐 11-19-15 5:41 AMhawkowl
through the trees, waipio
Beautiful composition, nice rendering of dynamic range without being too over the top HDR. But that's just my opinion...... others seem to really like a strong HDR look.
🕐 11-19-15 5:33 AMhawkowl
The Subway
Congratulations David! Great shot. I've hiked in there with 4x5 equipment and it about busted my tail!! I shot too long in the Subway and had to hike out in the dark, got temporarily disoriented (lost), but finally made it out. Was so tired & hungry, drove straight to a Mexican restaurant in Springdale and stuffed myself with food & beer. Hope you rewarded yourself with something similar! Cheers!
🕐 11-19-15 5:26 AMhawkowl
Pastels by the bay
Really wonderful. Serenely simplistic, contemplative. So many photographers, myself included, try too hard to make an impact with our two dimensional representations of experience, when often the best approach is to narrow in, not try too hard and show the elegance of simplicity. But to do that without being boring is often a challenge! :-) Bravo!
🕐 11-16-15 5:34 AMhawkowl
Photo 46316
By: JT
Gorgeous light; very subtle & really shows the "Zeiss look & feel"
🕐 11-16-15 5:32 AMhawkowl
By: luca.f
Stunning light! Looks like you desaturated the colors intentionally?
🕐 11-16-15 5:30 AMhawkowl
By: luca.f
Beautiful shot.... the guy taking the selfie adds a modernity to the scene; sort of makes you think how connected we are, or try to be, even in remote locations. Thanks for posting!
🕐 11-11-15 11:41 AMhawkowl
County Mayo, Ireland
This is just elegant. Brilliant composition.
🕐 11-9-15 1:08 PMhawkowl
Maple Fog
Contrast eaten up by the dense fog.... in fact I had to add some to make it look as you see it. I also used ETTR, but no clipping. Thanks for the comments.
🕐 11-8-15 1:14 PMhawkowl
Wow. Brilliant photograph.... color & bokeh work beautifully together.
🕐 11-8-15 1:12 PMhawkowl
Mountain Portrait
Oh yeah! Anyone up for adventure?
🕐 11-8-15 1:11 PMhawkowl
By: hasky
Outstanding! Great use of bokeh. Great atmosphere to the photo.
🕐 11-8-15 1:08 PMhawkowl
Photo 37125
By: taz_k
Fantastic image.... one of the very best I've seen of this subject matter. Congratulations!
🕐 11-8-15 1:03 PMhawkowl
Misty Falls
Incredible shot!
🕐 11-8-15 1:01 PMhawkowl
Morning Rays
Gorgeous. Wish I'd been there! :-)
🕐 11-8-15 12:58 PMhawkowl
Photo 16924
By: kysham
popflash photo
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