Comments by Walter Schoffthaler

🕐 06-19-18 7:14 AMwalter
Smile !
By: al69
I love the background, which must be in S├╝dtirol by the Dolomite mountains "3 Zinnen" - I think it is called "Tre Cime di Lavaredo" in italian ...?
🕐 06-2-18 11:10 PMwalter
Natural- and Street-Lights (Bokeh)
By: walter
Thank you, frankmy - for your 'Like' to this image!
🕐 05-9-18 6:51 AMwalter
"Come on, and fight me!"
By: walter
Thank you very much, foongkwonghoi - for your ever so kind *Like* to my image of this actor - The Viking reenactment happens every summer, here in my neighboring hometown, where contestants from all over Europe gather for a week. This one here, is taking his role 100% serious.
🕐 05-4-18 6:46 AMwalter
Yellow Rose of Texas
By: walter
@ kanzer16:
Thank you very much for your well appreciated 'Like' to this image of the "Yellowe Rose"!
Best regards,
Walter from Norway
🕐 04-27-18 6:55 AMwalter
Spring is in the Air and on the ground ...
By: walter
Thanks for the 'Like' - Yuriylux!
🕐 04-22-18 2:26 PMwalter
By: walter
Thank you, hyperfocal - for your kind comment on my image.
🕐 03-22-18 8:21 AMwalter
Photo 56113
A very ITALIAN red ..! Fiat with Abarth-body?
🕐 03-20-18 11:38 AMwalter
Panorama-stitch (test)
By: walter
Thanks for the 'Like' Torralba - Jorge! Appreciate you taking time to check!
🕐 03-14-18 4:07 AMwalter
'round the bend
By: walter
Thank you, for your 'Like' - frs6co!
🕐 03-11-18 8:09 AMwalter
Photo 56085
By: jeroen
The blue and glass-like ice with its cracks is quite mesmerizing and leads up to the main-object in the distance! Powerful composition.
🕐 03-11-18 8:07 AMwalter
Photo 56082
By: jeroen
Nice leading lines and a beatiful scene!
🕐 03-11-18 8:06 AMwalter
'round the bend
By: walter
Thank you, photosphere42!
🕐 02-27-18 5:44 AMwalter
Meet me at the Corner
By: walter
Thank you, chriseeo, for marking my image With Your 'Like' - Nice to see you here as well as in!
Best regards,
🕐 02-15-18 1:21 AMwalter
Hoare Frost in January
By: walter
Hello Grzesiek - and thank you for marking my image with Your 'Like'!
🕐 02-7-18 9:27 AMwalter
Hoare Frost in January
By: walter
Thank you, hypefocal, for your kind comment to this picture!
🕐 01-30-18 12:59 AMwalter
Cold Wind in the Streets
By: walter
Thank you for marking this image with your 'Like' torralba!
🕐 01-2-18 7:25 AMwalter
"His Masters Voice" ...?
🕐 12-30-17 3:17 PMwalter
Baroque Experience
By: walter
Thank you very much - DaMessenjah - for marking this image of mine With Your well appreciated 'Lik' !! Muchus cracias a todos!
🕐 12-29-17 1:32 AMwalter
Cumulonimbus Clouds
By: walter
Thank you, akul, for marking this image with your 'Like'!
🕐 12-27-17 3:02 AMwalter
Photo 55702
Great winter-scene with the snow pouring visible down.
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