Comments by Hermann Dressen

🕐 12-31-17 7:11 AMcontrelamontre
Photo 55529
Lovely perspective impact and a perfectly apt B&W/sepia treatment.
🕐 12-25-17 8:54 AMcontrelamontre
Gotcha Calvin!
What a gaze! And what a superb timing ....
🕐 12-25-17 8:52 AMcontrelamontre
Mary J. Blige!
GREAT street portrait and I particularly like the tight framing.
🕐 12-25-17 8:50 AMcontrelamontre
Under Cover
Great perspective/POV.
🕐 12-25-17 8:47 AMcontrelamontre
"Dylan Deluca"
The juxtaposition of the two subjects (one lit, the other one in the shade) and their conflicting facial expressions against the blurred BG are simply ingenious.
🕐 12-25-17 8:45 AMcontrelamontre
:-) Just superb!! A truly timeless capture.
🕐 12-25-17 8:44 AMcontrelamontre
The Approach!
Great find and a superb implementation. Lovely shades of gray, too.
🕐 12-25-17 8:41 AMcontrelamontre
My Brotha
Great facial expression, once again a story-telling portrait. And a congenial use of the lighting, too.
🕐 12-25-17 8:38 AMcontrelamontre
Lil Scruff!
Just lovely :-) And of course a perfect timing!
🕐 12-25-17 8:36 AMcontrelamontre
Very well thought-out arrangement with the observing girl in the BG.
🕐 12-25-17 8:27 AMcontrelamontre
Through this hollow way...
By: dannz
What @hyperfocal stated, but an absolutely striking arrangement nonetheless. Kudos!

🕐 12-25-17 8:24 AMcontrelamontre
Photo 55661
A strikingly consistent and well-balanced composition. Plus the sepia treatment adds perfectly to the subject.
🕐 12-25-17 8:19 AMcontrelamontre
Pattern Art
By: kanuck
Great find, superb use of the backlighting, the geometric patterns and as a result a strikingly consistent juxtaposition.
🕐 11-24-15 12:01 PMcontrelamontre
Luberon Nature, Luberon Light, Luberon Life
Thank you all for your comments and the "likes", it's very much appreciated!
🕐 11-24-15 10:52 AMcontrelamontre
Mini Moishy!
WOW, that's a lovely portrait, Steve!
🕐 11-19-15 6:27 AMcontrelamontre
Right There!
Nice to meet you here, Steve! And a lovely capture as well.
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