Comments by Robert Andrews

🕐 06-20-17 11:22 AMandyandrews
Canada Harbour Place
The Vancouver Chamber of Commerce could well utilize your output. Bravo!
🕐 08-27-15 11:06 PMandyandrews
Composer/Guitarist Nadro Serenades Ofelia
Thank you, Jorge! At 90, Ofelia has nursed thousands of patients back to health. I hope I'll still be singing along at that age!
🕐 08-21-15 11:24 PMandyandrews
Photo 42191
By: akul
My favorite scenics have a "stepping stone" in the foreground for the eye to light upon and then the viewer is drawn into the composition, experiences it by being transported by leading lines and comes out again. A circular route, as in this case, has a calming effect. Well done, Akul!
🕐 08-18-15 8:02 PMandyandrews
Photo 39097
My 100mm f/3.5 Sonnar T C/Y arrived from Japan today and I'm anxious to try it out. This capture whets my appetite for getting out into nature with improved tools and seeing, at 80, if I can keep up with the real artists like Samuli! I must hurry. My shutter hasn't got that many more clicks in it!
🕐 08-18-15 7:46 PMandyandrews
By: j-b
My wife and son and I were making a travel film "Norwegian Summer" in 1976. It was a beautiful day, the gulls were flying alongside the ferry, the sky was deep blue and the Seven Sisters were cascading long tresses of crystalline glacier melt into the fjord. Everyone was in great spirits that day. SAS and Videroe Airlines loved the film and so did our audiences. This lovely scene evokes fond memories and that's what a well-planned, perfectly executed picture is supposed to do. Tak, J-B!
🕐 08-14-15 11:34 PMandyandrews
Photo 38673
Samuli, your artistry takes my heart back to the 20 summers I spent in Northern Minnesota.
Ah, to be out on the lake with Mother and Father and a few friends, waiting for that tug on the line to set the hook!
🕐 08-14-15 11:21 PMandyandrews
Misty Falls
An ethereal, autumnal masterpiece. I'm changing all my primes to Zeiss on the a7R. CZ glass and Sony sensors are a match made in heaven!
🕐 08-10-15 8:39 PMandyandrews
In a fog
By: j-b
Bravo! I see you haven't forgotten the Rule of Thirds or Golden Section placement to create a composition in which primary and secondary subjects waltz in perfect harmony. And I can smell the mixture of pine forest and chill fog, best followed by two cups of glogg next to a cheery fireplace!
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