Comments by Cam Jones

🕐 06-20-17 6:51 PMcamjones
Fruit Seller
Ah, that old film look. I have forgotten what that looks like. What is a Zeiss Jena? I used to own a ME Super. I enjoyed that camera.
🕐 07-6-16 9:23 PMcamjones
Photo 5511
By: mandas
Wonderful portrait. How did you fit the Zeiss onto the GF-1?
🕐 04-23-16 11:47 AMcamjones
Photo 49401
By: JT
How do you like that D5?
🕐 04-15-16 3:02 PMcamjones
Balloon from above
By: dannz
How did you get that A7II plus the 55mm Sonnar up there? Must've been a larger drone. Larger than those puny little DJI Phantoms.
🕐 04-15-16 2:42 PMcamjones
Photo 49338
By: JT
Oh yeah . . . Giving new meaning to the phrase, "dog faced". LoL.
🕐 03-9-16 8:04 PMcamjones
Is good.
🕐 02-13-16 9:55 PMcamjones
Photo 48080
By: JT
@philber: Also... just because you don't see the EXIF info on pictures posted on a site doesn't mean the lens or camera was unable to record it. You could choose to exclude it from the image file you are uploading or in many cases, the EXIF gets lost in post-processing.
🕐 01-26-16 9:48 AMcamjones
Photo 48347
The banks of the Dnepr?
🕐 01-6-16 8:07 PMcamjones
Photo 2075
It looks like there is some pixelation in the background. Instead of smooth textures, the background appears to have some rather unpleasant artifacts. It could just be the site magnifying the image more than its normal size.
🕐 01-2-16 8:51 PMcamjones
Photo 48019
It looks like from a different planet.
🕐 01-2-16 3:36 PMcamjones
a turquoise hideaway
Nice shaded view. Where is this place?
🕐 01-2-16 3:32 PMcamjones
Photo 48009
By: JT
On tap... That 50mm Milvus looks like a good one.
🕐 11-26-15 9:53 AMcamjones
Hortus Botanicus VU Amsterdam 2
That looks like a good one.
🕐 11-8-15 1:03 PMcamjones
Maple Fog
What happened to all the contrast?
🕐 10-30-15 7:07 PMcamjones
Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass
That looks almost like it was shot with a MF camera.
🕐 09-13-15 10:46 PMcamjones
Photo 45084
By: eao197
This is a great portrait with the amazing background melting away. I only wish that you added more color to her face/skin. I know it's in Belarus, but she looks a bit pale. :)
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