Comments by Peter Kapa

🕐 05-21-18 6:02 PMhyperfocal
The Ridge Trail
By: berto
Great composition, right-on exposure...
🕐 05-15-18 10:44 PMhyperfocal
Photo 100044
Where is this?
🕐 04-22-18 12:46 PMhyperfocal
By: walter
Great silhouettes with a mere suggestion of detail in the background.
🕐 03-30-18 8:37 PMhyperfocal
Third Beach. Olympic Nat. Park, Wa.
I have some images from Shi Shi., but it's too late to have it posted. You can never predict weather on the coast. It's finicky. I suggest rubber boots for the stretch of the trail between Makah Reservation and Shi Shi. It's 5 miles of mud even in the summer.
🕐 03-12-18 4:05 PMhyperfocal
Photo 17818
By: tony
Great awe!!!
🕐 03-12-18 4:03 PMhyperfocal
Photo 56081
By: jeroen
I think your images would greatly benefit from a short description of physical location, like: "Lake Michigan", or "Upper Kenai Peninsula", so the viewer might appreciate location, and lengths you went to to get it...
🕐 02-9-18 8:35 PMhyperfocal
see the future
By: mibu
I think the cropping is perfect. The out of focus trees in the background steer eye to the kid's figures.
🕐 02-9-18 4:18 PMhyperfocal
U Bein Bridge
By: jeroen
I like the silhouette-like quality of this image.
🕐 02-5-18 1:02 PMhyperfocal
Hoare Frost in January
By: walter
Very atmospheric. The rim frost adds an aura of wintry mystique...
🕐 01-22-18 8:05 PMhyperfocal
Fallen Trees and Snow
Nice tonality.
🕐 01-10-18 4:54 PMhyperfocal
Forest Lane
By: remcor
Very lush image.I like geometry of it...
🕐 01-9-18 2:47 PMhyperfocal
I like this one. Even human figure off center contributes to the sense of scale of the image.
🕐 01-9-18 12:22 PMhyperfocal
Great color contrast. Little bit too centered, but I like it...
🕐 01-5-18 9:59 PMhyperfocal
By: remcor
I love the darkness of this image.
🕐 01-4-18 3:00 PMhyperfocal
With a bit of tweaking in Photoshop (cloning out unnecessary detail) it could become one of those "dogs-playing -cards"-like image.
🕐 12-27-17 5:12 PMhyperfocal
Photo 33886
By: jeroen
Cheerful portrait.
🕐 12-27-17 5:09 PMhyperfocal
Photo 33945
By: jeroen
Great composition.
🕐 12-27-17 5:08 PMhyperfocal
Photo 34201
By: jeroen
Amazing textures...
🕐 12-27-17 5:03 PMhyperfocal
Photo 37736
By: jeroen
This photograph has great elements of semi-abstract image. The framing Is a bit off, but I guess there was nothing you could do about it.
🕐 12-27-17 4:56 PMhyperfocal
Photo 38111
By: jeroen
That's got to be Cuba... Some of your images could use descriptive (as to place they were taken) titles.
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