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🕐 12-26-16 11:27 AMfrs6co
Foggy day in Paris
By: frs6co
I'm in the middle of the place, face of the tower and there is work on the left.
Thank you Stefan
🕐 01-6-16 11:49 AMfrs6co
Arles - Nightscape
wow !!!
nice shoot
🕐 11-17-15 3:49 AMfrs6co
By: luca.f
great pictures. like the colors
🕐 06-26-15 2:01 AMfrs6co
Sunset Baltic Sea 1
nice picture. remain to level the horizon.
🕐 06-26-15 1:57 AMfrs6co
Three monks
By: frs6co
thank you photosphere !
🕐 01-9-15 2:45 AMfrs6co
Sienne in Toscana
By: frs6co
thank you !!
As you know, Siena is UNESCO's world heritage. Superb medieval city of Toscana - Italia. One hour from Florence ( Firenze). you should go !
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