Comments by Odd Geir Saether

🕐 01-16-17 12:44 AModd geir
Photo 52483
Congrats - glad a deserving shot won!
🕐 06-3-16 8:26 AModd geir
Oslo summer
Who needs 3D when you have an Apo Sonnar? (Paul Newman was once asked why he didn't help himself to some of the starlets swirling around him on the sets. "Who would go out for a burger, when you can have a steak at home," was his reply . . .)
🕐 01-18-16 12:07 AModd geir
Being There
What a catch . . .
🕐 01-16-16 3:40 PModd geir
Sofie, born a twin 1988
Thanks, JT - on behalf of the great Master of Light . . the Sun . . low winter sun which shines in through a window in the other end of the room, and the soft light from left is another, very close window with translucent fabric . . she isn't even posing; she's in the middle of a conversation, not noticing the old dad fumbling with his new toy; the 135/2. :-)
🕐 01-10-16 11:54 PModd geir
Saturday shopping done. Now home.
I have severe problems, trying to find flaws with the Batis 25 . . .
🕐 12-17-15 9:52 AModd geir
Joy of giving
Merci, Alain!

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