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🕐 12-24-17 3:32 PMjhemp_00
Photo 55601
This is the Middle Fork of the Gila River in the Gila Wilderness, NM.
🕐 12-21-17 6:35 PMjhemp_00
Photo 55555
Most of my shots I post here are with Zeiss lenses but this shot was with the Sony 70-200 f2.8 lens. I probably should only post my Zeiss images!
🕐 01-2-17 8:42 AMjhemp_00
By: eriver
🕐 12-10-16 7:43 AMjhemp_00
Chilehaus, Hamburg, Germany
By: dannz
🕐 12-26-15 10:21 AMjhemp_00
Photo 47917
Lovely image!
🕐 11-21-15 4:06 PMjhemp_00
Sunrise from Mt. Pugh, B&W Panorama
By: jimd
very nice
🕐 11-19-15 8:18 PMjhemp_00
Natural Objection
Dude! This looks like the 2015 winner to me!
🕐 11-11-15 9:37 PMjhemp_00
Photo 46191
GREAT image! But I'd love to see the horizon leveled.
🕐 11-2-15 8:40 PMjhemp_00
Bushkill falls
Good one!
🕐 08-1-15 2:23 PMjhemp_00
Slot of Buckskin Gulch. Utah.
I love it!
🕐 07-10-15 7:41 PMjhemp_00
Pretty Pretty Lady
This was a single exposure. I over exposed by one stop on the A7r, as I find every Sony camera I have ever had underexposes by .75-1 stop. Then I really pushed the shadows in LR and got the image to my liking. Then I dumped it into Color Efex pro 4 and used Tonal Contrast to finish the image out. I only applied Tonal Contrast from about the horizon down. I find Color Efex can cause some serious banding and posterization in blue skies if your not carful. If you inspect the image at 100% you'll find some noise in my wife's dress because of the aggressive shadow pushing, but it looks fine on screen and prints good to 17x22, but I wouldn't print it any bigger than that.
🕐 06-8-15 8:51 PMjhemp_00
Photo 43837
It's nice but I think the Zeiss will be better. The Sony 28 is sharp in the center wide open, but even stopping down its not at sharp as the 16-35 @28mm. All that said it does have some character.
🕐 04-27-15 9:12 AMjhemp_00
Photo 43173
Thanks Torralba! Every time I start thinking of selling the A99 and most of my A-mount glass to switch over to the FE mount system I remember that the A99 is a wonderful system. With the right lenses(Zeiss) you can produce world class images. I'm sure the day will come when I jump full boar into the small mirrorless world but for now I'll keep the A99 awhile longer.
🕐 04-2-15 11:18 AMjhemp_00
"Dylan Deluca"
GREASY! I like it.
🕐 03-25-15 7:13 AMjhemp_00
This lens single handedly got me interested in portrait work. You are correct when you say this lens is 'unreal'.
🕐 02-3-15 11:17 AMjhemp_00
Bushwick Inlet Park
🕐 01-27-15 11:33 AMjhemp_00
Photo 42281
Thanks Aquilan,
I love the high ISO on the Sony A99. I love the feel of the noise after 3200 and up to ISO 8000. This shot was at ISO 8000.
🕐 01-22-15 3:21 PMjhemp_00
City Of Rocks
Thanks Torralba! I'm really liking the lens so far. It has the best flare control of any lens I've used. It's the best landscape lens solution for the sony A series cameras right now.
🕐 01-6-15 3:39 PMjhemp_00
Photo 42041
This is Western New Mexico University (WNMU) in Silver City, NM. Great little town!
🕐 12-21-14 6:35 PMjhemp_00
Kvalvika Beach
By: stroop
popflash photo
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