Comments by Philip Brindle

🕐 01-23-18 3:10 PMphilipbrindle
High Up There
Very nice shot, make sure you get it printed, I'm sure it would look even more beautiful hanging on your wall...
🕐 01-23-18 3:01 PMphilipbrindle
Photo 55702
Nice image, very thought-provoking, hey I voted for it in the contest too - good work mon ami...
🕐 01-7-16 6:36 PMphilipbrindle
Stara Lubovnia Castle 2 ...
Great shot, looks great, keep up the good work...actually my favorite lens is the Zeiss 21mm...
🕐 11-9-15 2:20 AMphilipbrindle
By: stroop
wow, great shot, I really like... good for you...
🕐 10-31-15 9:55 PMphilipbrindle
Photo 45885
great shot, nice model also... nice job, good for you!
🕐 10-31-15 9:49 PMphilipbrindle
Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass
Nice shot for sure...great work, keep it up...
🕐 10-29-15 2:49 AMphilipbrindle
Photo 4383
By: denoir
Nice shot, really looks good....
🕐 08-2-15 2:58 AMphilipbrindle
Photo 44559
really sharp, love the detail....
🕐 08-2-15 2:53 AMphilipbrindle
Slot of Buckskin Gulch. Utah.
great shot, nice composition, good for you...
🕐 06-4-15 10:44 PMphilipbrindle
Great Shot...
🕐 09-6-14 6:06 AMphilipbrindle
Grand Central Terminal
great shot, well done...i always like the mood in train stations, and i can see that in your photograph...

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