Comments by Manuel La Mantia

🕐 07-19-15 2:25 PMmanuel
Photo 44328
By: JT
This pic inspires me. My neighbor has a lot of these flowers... I never paid too much attention but now, who knows :-)
🕐 07-9-15 1:54 PMmanuel
Photo 44293
By: manuel
Thanks Jorge... I have a good serie of stream pics but most of them was taken with a Canon FDn lens.
🕐 07-3-15 1:08 PMmanuel
Photo 44189
By: manuel
Thanks... sometime, it works.
🕐 01-11-15 3:54 AMmanuel
Photo 42116
By: akul
I love minimal composition and this is simply... MAGIC! Compliments!!!
🕐 07-26-14 11:31 AMmanuel
Photo 39499
Wooooow!!! Fantastic... compliments!
🕐 07-3-14 2:58 PMmanuel
Photo 39200
By: manuel
Thanks Torralba, as just written in another site, has already been said so many things about this lens but I am always astonished by his bokeh... so smoooooooth... my best 2014 buy ;-)
🕐 06-29-14 10:44 AMmanuel
Photo 39142
By: manuel
Thanks Ibbz. Very interesting also your series... lovely B/W.
🕐 06-29-14 6:26 AMmanuel
By: donuss
Nice composition... seems a satellite view of mountain&lake :-)
🕐 06-29-14 6:23 AMmanuel
Photo 39140
By: manuel
Thanks Donuss!

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