Comments by Adele Buttolph

🕐 12-23-17 9:59 AMadelemb
Photo 48846
Love this photo. It really captures the feeling of being in Glendalough.
🕐 12-19-17 9:53 AMadelemb
Eye of Stokksnes
By: stroop
Incredible photo!
🕐 12-4-17 11:21 AMadelemb
Photo 55424
stroop wrote:

Nice mood..\n\n\n

Thank you.
🕐 04-21-17 1:13 PMadelemb
Photo 42662
This is a fantastic and very unique image. I don't think that I have ever seen anything like it.
🕐 04-18-17 10:57 AMadelemb
Kirkjufell aurora
By: stroop
Wonderful capture!
🕐 12-28-15 1:33 PMadelemb
By: stroop
Congratulations on your win! Well deserved!
🕐 12-9-15 12:02 PMadelemb
Photo 45138
Sorry for the late reply, luca.f. This image was taken at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.
🕐 11-8-15 9:45 AMadelemb
Forest Corridors, a seven image panorama
Thank you, hawkowl. This was shot at a tree farm outside of Boardman, Oregon. For this final image, I stitched together seven shots taken in portrait orientation.
🕐 11-3-15 11:20 AMadelemb
Photo 45971
Thank you, Ronny!
🕐 11-3-15 9:55 AMadelemb
My son
This is quite a wonderful capture of his expression. I really like the way that you processed this too.
🕐 09-19-15 6:20 PMadelemb
Photo 45138
Thanks so much, Ronny!
🕐 09-19-15 2:23 PMadelemb
Photo 45138
Thanks, Jorge!
🕐 07-1-15 2:09 PMadelemb
The Milky Way over Mono Lake
Incredible! Great work!
🕐 06-29-15 4:02 PMadelemb
Old Wagon
Thank you! Yes, I agree - there could be more opportunity for composition. Actually, I had to crop out a little on the right side because of an ugly metal barrel, which altered the composition somewhat.
🕐 06-29-15 1:36 PMadelemb
Zeiss Distagon T* 2.0/28mm ZE
This photo certainly accomplishes its intent...I would love that plate of ravioli!
🕐 06-29-15 8:45 AMadelemb
Painted Hills, Oregon
Thank you! The Painted Hills are really a treat to visit and photograph. I am hoping to go back within the year and photograph there again.
🕐 06-27-15 5:54 PMadelemb
By: zeissy
🕐 06-27-15 2:56 PMadelemb
Lechoche Peak to the North
The high altitude really comes through in this image. Incredible.
🕐 06-3-15 9:02 AMadelemb
Photo 10384
Love the three-dimensionality on this.
🕐 06-3-15 9:00 AMadelemb
Photo 39094
Thank you, Jorge!
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