Comments by Brent Seward

🕐 12-24-17 7:35 PMtivv
Hoover Dam
By: dcrane
Ooh the lines and geometry in this are really compelling.
🕐 12-24-17 7:29 PMtivv
Ooh. Love the color blocking.
🕐 12-24-17 7:24 PMtivv
Great atmosphere
🕐 12-24-17 7:22 PMtivv
Through this hollow way...
By: dannz
Adore this shot.
🕐 12-24-17 7:20 PMtivv
The velky nudes X
By: mandas
Love the lighting in this.
🕐 12-24-17 7:10 PMtivv
Alaskan Ice
Gorgeous symmetry and tones.
🕐 12-24-17 7:08 PMtivv
Photo 55550
Really cool texture.
🕐 12-24-17 7:07 PMtivv
Deep Silence
By: berto
Wow. This reminds me of a painting by Chris Berens.
🕐 12-24-17 6:56 PMtivv
The Addams family land
By: berto
🕐 12-24-17 3:01 PMtivv
DSME Industrial
Love this. The color and composition are great.
🕐 12-18-13 7:28 AMtivv
Photo 34797
By: tivv
She was watching a film that was being projected and texting a friend simultaneously. It appears the movie was able to capture her attention away from her phone, if only for a little while. Congrats on your win by the way. Enjoy your new lens!
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