Comments by Tom

🕐 12-19-13 3:47 AMtom barry
Superb for composition, clarity and choice of mechanical detail.
🕐 11-18-13 1:47 PMtom barry
Photo 33616
By: JT
He'll grow into it! Great pup shot.
🕐 11-9-13 6:15 AMtom barry
The Lacock Bakery
Really effective in monochrome, nostalgic yet strongly detailed.
🕐 10-30-13 6:26 AMtom barry
Portrait of Lance
By: tesch
Off-the-charts charm in this great photograph! I'm going to check the "like" box, but the truth is that I LOVE this.
🕐 10-27-13 3:44 AMtom barry
Stunning in its elegant simplicity. Superb.
🕐 10-25-13 1:41 PMtom barry
Photo 32964
Beautiful soft window light, perfectly handled for a wonderful portrait.
🕐 10-24-13 12:01 PMtom barry
Ancient Tree
A perfect subject for monochrome. Excellent presentation.
🕐 10-23-13 5:58 AMtom barry
Photo 8259
By: pixee
A perfectly-caught moment, as joecan noted.
🕐 10-22-13 2:38 PMtom barry
Vancouver Style
By: zeissy
I'm new here, so pardon me for just jumping right in, please. I think this is a first-rate cityscape and works extremely well in monochrome.

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