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🕐 01-12-15 2:07 PMdierk posted Click to view details
Photo 42174
Photo by: dierk
photosphere42 wrote:

This is the best of the series. Clean, flows smoothly, good values. Nice image.\n\n\n
thanks very much :-)
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🕐 01-11-15 12:52 PMdierk posted Click to view details
Sony A7R with Zeiss 4/24-70 ZA OSS
Photo by: dierk
thanks for the 16-35
I reached my limit for today
more to come tomorrow.
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🕐 01-11-15 12:50 PMdierk posted Click to view details
Photo 42151
Photo by: dierk
thanks very much, Jorge!

Leica is a long story. I got my first Leica, the M9 in 2009 with a defect sensor, got another sensor change last year and will sell it soon.
I love the M Monochrom, it simply is a beauty! The puristic design of the camera is the best I know, the files are great to work with.
And I like the Leica lenses.

but I use the Sony A7R almost 100% since I got it. This is a universal camera for my needs and wishes. I use any lens on it like Nikon, Canon, Leica M, Leica R and enlarging lenses.
Focus for the OTUS or the Zeiss 100/2 for example is easy and perfect.

Let's see, what we will get soon this year :-)

more than 400 portraits are in my flickr album:
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🕐 01-11-15 10:10 AMdierk posted Click to view details
Photo 33203
Photo by: dierk
sorry, I missed that question long time ago :-(
these are stitched images from 9 images of NEX6 with the Rhinocam adapter from with Hasselblad medium format lenses Zeiss Distagon 4/40mm and Zeis Makro-Planar 4/120mm
resulting in about 85 MPix.

you find many more images on my flickr here
🕐 11-3-13 1:32 PMdierk posted Click to view details
Danzig with rainy weather.. #1
Photo by: aquilan
I would like to order 100gr of Kardamo, please :-)))
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🕐 11-3-13 1:29 PMdierk posted Click to view details
Evangelical Reformed Church of Calvinists at Warsaw
Photo by: aquilan
I just asked this on an other picture, here is the answer.

I used Cornerfix with the CV12mm on the M9. I used a milky plastic and held it directly in front of the lens under an all gray sky and it worked great! Making a profile shot from a gray surface/wall with these super wides is not easy, as you always get a shadow into the picture:-)

I did not try my M-Hologon on the NEX6 or 7 as I had the impression, that the lens was touching the body somehow?
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🕐 11-3-13 12:53 PMdierk posted Click to view details
Commercial Arcades
Photo by: aquilan
is the color shift from the lens or from any colored light?
do you have a Cornerfix profile, that you use?
thanks and regards
🕐 11-2-13 1:54 PMdierk posted Click to view details
Photo 33197
Photo by: dierk
104 MPix, NEX-6 with Rhinocam and Zeiss Makro-Planar 120/4 mith Canon Close Up lens 500D @f/16