Comments by Augustaur Kao

🕐 12-20-15 5:33 PMaugustaur
Nice Ice
All too true!
🕐 12-20-15 5:31 PMaugustaur
Wave, Arizona
By: visu
🕐 05-28-15 8:33 PMaugustaur
Thank you for your comment. You might be right. I was not very happy with the in-the-focus background, the iron doors and the pipes, and tried to minimise those distractions.
🕐 12-25-14 1:15 AMaugustaur
Playing Telemann's XII Fantasias
🕐 12-25-14 1:14 AMaugustaur
Old Town (at dawn)
Splendid composition.
🕐 12-25-14 1:10 AMaugustaur
"Chapter Yang Ming" VII
Hello. Merry Christmas . Such a wonderful encouragement on Christmas. Thank you.
🕐 10-22-14 7:25 AMaugustaur
Hi, Wojtek, thank you.
🕐 10-19-14 3:44 AMaugustaur
Thank you.
🕐 10-3-14 10:22 AMaugustaur
Thank you. It's a great encouragement.
🕐 09-24-14 7:28 AMaugustaur
Thank you.
🕐 08-7-14 10:29 AMaugustaur
Please forgive my ignorance. And so far I have known post production only in Lightroom.
🕐 07-31-14 8:52 PMaugustaur
I'm sorry. What is VIS? FYI, the picture was taken in Kaohsiung.
🕐 05-18-14 12:07 AMaugustaur
By: zeissy
Fantastic perspective creating an amazing shot.
🕐 05-18-14 12:03 AMaugustaur
Photo 38497
By: mict
Marvelously posing colours.
🕐 04-29-14 3:51 PMaugustaur
Hello. My poor skill allows me to work only in Lightroom. I just pulled those adjustment sliders and did a little dodging and burning. And that's the best I could do. Sorry if it did not suit you.
🕐 04-7-14 9:16 AMaugustaur
"No to black-box treaty."
Dear aquilan,

The so called agreement was signed almost a year ago. The approval rate of the president of this government was 9%...

Best regards.
🕐 01-26-14 9:58 PMaugustaur
Thank you.
🕐 01-18-14 10:58 PMaugustaur
Thank you, aquilan.
🕐 10-5-13 5:55 AMaugustaur
Chapter Tamkang III
No, sir. I should "shay-shay" your comment.
🕐 09-29-13 8:10 AMaugustaur
Dear Merrill,

Thank you for your appreciation. I'm a starter and comments are valuable to me.
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