Comments by Nicholas Vendemia

🕐 09-4-14 10:26 AMvaperture
Photo 39964
Thanks JT! You can almost feel the warm sun on her face...
🕐 07-2-14 12:50 PMvaperture
Photo 39184
Thanks Zeissy! This space is normally packed with people, so i had to get here really early to make this shot happen.
🕐 06-9-14 7:51 AMvaperture
Photo 38819
By: JT
beautiful shot!
🕐 05-26-14 4:43 AMvaperture
Chiavari 2
Ohhhh, that makes sense. I didn't realize it was a scan. Knowing that makes the grain work just fine. Beautiful image!
🕐 05-26-14 4:41 AMvaperture
By: zeissy
Gorgeous! Lovely detail and composition.
🕐 05-21-14 8:06 AMvaperture
Chiavari 2
Lovely composition! Wish it has a little less grain...
🕐 05-19-14 11:56 AMvaperture
Photo 38525
Thanks much Zeissy!
🕐 05-19-14 11:55 AMvaperture
Photo 38528
Aren't they? Feels like a little bit of Europe in the middle of NYC :)
🕐 05-11-14 2:27 PMvaperture
tulip city
Thanks Aquilan! The sunlight did all the work. I just happened to be there at the right time :)
🕐 05-11-14 10:38 AMvaperture
Leboche Base Camp
Such wonderful muted colors
🕐 05-9-14 11:54 AMvaperture
Yuri Kirindongo: Explosion, 2010 (driftwood). Museum Beelden aan zee, The Hague
wonderful composition
🕐 04-24-14 5:31 PMvaperture
Photo 37899
By: jeroen
what a fun shot!
🕐 03-17-14 3:10 PMvaperture
queens crescent
Thanks so much Merrill!
🕐 03-12-14 4:31 PMvaperture
sun flare
Me too. I thought that the three of them would make a really nice series to display on canvas, but I like the B&W the best too.
🕐 03-12-14 8:01 AMvaperture
after the storm
mine too :)
🕐 03-9-14 5:01 AMvaperture
Beautiful colors! Well done. Love the 1:1 format too.
🕐 02-9-14 9:28 AMvaperture
no sail
Thanks riverguy! it was easy to get a good shot with such beautiful subject matter. The hardest part was shooting handheld at 1/15 in the low light.
🕐 02-1-14 4:34 AMvaperture
Photo 36161
By: cyra
Beautiful tones!
🕐 01-31-14 6:59 AMvaperture
Tirich Mir and Tree
By: ibbz
gorgeous colors!
🕐 01-31-14 4:07 AMvaperture
Shude Hill Bus station Manchester UK
Hi Paul, what's it like focusing a wide angle lens on a rangefinder? Do you have to use an external VF?
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