Comments by Celestron

🕐 12-19-17 12:48 PMcelestron
Photo 55555
Wow amazing. Really 200mm? Which one You used?
🕐 09-1-17 2:11 PMcelestron
Photo 47190
By: akul
Now she is back in Hamburg.
🕐 12-15-15 2:24 PMcelestron
A dogs life
Friends, I have to be honest: This was not my dog. It was during fantastic sundown on peninsula Quiberon/France. Same day as picture with the 2.8/28 Distagon.
If I would have a dog, it would be like this.
🕐 09-17-13 1:06 PMcelestron
Vessel assist tug
Wonderfull contrast.
popflash photo
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