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🕐 05-3-15 1:10 PMpaqart
Mandy and Oscar
By: paqart
Thanks! I spent an afternoon with these two models in Amsterdam, shooting them in various parts of the city with an 80mm lens and an off-camera flash unit. This shot is natural light with a 28mm lens, and was probably the easiest to shoot, but I liked it the best. The only tricky part about shooting this is that the counter is barely ten inches deep, so I had to cram myself into the window to get this image.
🕐 05-3-15 11:04 AMpaqart
Parkour group, Rotterdam
By: paqart
28mm actually, but it is medium format lens, so it is the equivalent of 19mm. This shot took almost two hours to capture. The athletes in the shot had to time their jumps precisely to land in the right pose and the right part of the image. To do that, we had to see each jump individually, then with two, then three, then all four of them. When we finally got it, it was a great feeling.
I also had secondary lighting from a couple of strong (500WS) flash units on light stands positioned behind the concrete walls.
🕐 04-5-15 4:09 PMpaqart
Capture One test 01
By: paqart
This is from last summer, reprocessed in C1.
🕐 04-5-15 4:09 PMpaqart
Capture One test 02
By: paqart
This is from last summer, reprocessed in C1.
🕐 03-13-15 9:28 AMpaqart
Wildrose Peak
🕐 03-13-15 9:27 AMpaqart
Photo 42662
🕐 10-10-14 2:00 AMpaqart
Sunset at Olmsted Point
As soon as I saw this rock I knew where it was. I made a series of watercolors there back in 2000-2001 or so ( Great to see this again, and at such a nice sunset.

🕐 08-14-14 2:33 PMpaqart
Lana at church
By: paqart
Thanks for the comment. The model is looking directly into a reflector held by my daughter off camera.
🕐 06-29-14 3:24 AMpaqart
By: donuss
🕐 06-25-14 3:51 PMpaqart
This is a gorgeous shot, timeless
🕐 05-11-14 1:04 PMpaqart
Photo 38324
Very pretty shot. Not easy to pull off an image like this so it doesn't look like every other landscape.
🕐 05-6-14 2:27 AMpaqart
Pheriochie village Ama Dablam by Moonlight
How long were you in Nepal? It looks like a lot of fun.
🕐 05-6-14 2:23 AMpaqart
Milkyway from Pheriochie Village
Gorgeous shot! Where is this? Chile?
🕐 05-6-14 2:21 AMpaqart
Mt. Everest Base Camp Khumbu Icefall
Great shot, and scary--to see all those fragile little tents beneath that sky and ragged mountains...
🕐 05-6-14 2:20 AMpaqart
Lechoche Peak to the North
Where is this? The Andes? The Himalayas? Somewhere else? It is beautiful and looks like an amazing trip.

🕐 04-24-14 3:12 PMpaqart
seoul morning
Where is this?
🕐 04-22-14 4:05 PMpaqart
Fiery afterglow
By: bubo
🕐 03-30-14 3:05 PMpaqart
Thai protest at Dam square
By: paqart
The protest was conducted in two languages I don't speak: Thai and Nederlands. However, I had the impression they were complaining about a prome minister who had embezzled funds from the government or who had been falsely accused of doing the same. They either wanted to punish or exonerate him, not sure which.

🕐 02-10-14 6:43 AMpaqart
Dockside portrait
By: paqart
I do like the Otus but am not comfortable with the 55mm lens length yet. I like 35mm for shooting street subjects and 85mm for portraits, 15mm for interiors, and 100mm for macro and landscape. 55mm is a length that makes most sense (to me) for portraits, but I don't get as many opportunities to shoot those as I would like. Also, I prefer using it with a tripod because it is tough to get the focus exactly right without some kind of stabilization. At least so far. When I first got the 15mm distagon I had some problems figuring out how to use it also, so I think this is the same thing.

What I love about the Otus is how sharp and bright it is. Also, the color is very neutral compared to other lenses, particularly the 35mm Summilux and Nikkor 85mm 1.4G. Even compared to the 100mm MP the color seems more neutral.

At first I thought it had no LOCA at all, but since then have found that it does get it also, just not as much as other lenses. The 15mm Distagon is also pretty good in that respect, but I think the Otus is better. Most importantly, it seems to be a higher resolution than other lenses. I don't know how that would work, but images taken with this lens seem to have more detail somehow.

🕐 01-29-14 7:48 AMpaqart
Photo 13208
Excellent color!
popflash photo
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