Comments by Dalton Hobbs

🕐 05-1-19 7:38 PMdalth500
Photo - 101941
Late spring in Hood River - send me a message next time you are in Oregon and we can go out shooting together!
🕐 06-12-18 4:12 PMdalth500
Lofoten, Norway - Uttakleiv Beach
You were there before all the other people and tripods started showing up - stunning image sir!
🕐 12-23-17 2:06 PMdalth500
Mt. Hood
When Zeiss says "It's apochromatic" they really can back it up. Difficult to find a better resolving 135mm.
🕐 11-22-17 6:05 PMdalth500
Mt. Hood and Sandy River
Yes the D850 sensor and Zeiss glass are nearly perfect partners - this was literally the 200th image taken with the new body! I will repost it in 4K for you
🕐 11-12-17 11:11 PMdalth500
Grape leaves
Hand held - the D850 has an amazing sensor and when coupled with a Zeiss lens it is probably as good as full frame can get. This is literally the 15th image taken with the new D850 for me.
🕐 06-1-17 3:39 PMdalth500
New Sellwood Bridge
No star filter - When it is stopped down to 5.6 or higher the Zeiss 28mm delivers the 9 pointed stars naturally. Thanks for your question!
🕐 01-30-17 8:05 PMdalth500
Coney Island
Nice composition and control of the shadow area
🕐 11-14-16 5:32 PMdalth500
Blue hour Nepal
Johnlarson - Thank you for taking a look and commenting. It was 10 days of trekking to get up to the Annapurna Base Camp. Most of the trek is through beautiful tropical and sub-tropical forest until you reach 2500 meters then it turns into Alpine terrain without trees. This small village with its tea houses is typical along this route.
🕐 03-7-16 7:51 PMdalth500
Photo 48903
I am really enjoying your compositions of iron and organic elements - fascinating use of found objects!!
🕐 03-7-16 7:48 PMdalth500
Photo 42821
I really like your use of the fog in this image - well done sir!
🕐 02-21-16 1:10 PMdalth500
🕐 02-3-16 10:24 PMdalth500
Wet dog
He was one cold and miserable dog after the mushroom hunt!!
🕐 02-3-16 10:23 PMdalth500
4449 Driver nut
Thank you Steve - it's been awhile since I captured the original image and I ran it through a new filter package in CS6 - not quite as advanced/sophisticated as the tone mapping you are using however. Thanks for the nice compliment!
🕐 01-19-16 5:15 PMdalth500
Photo 1494
By: JT
Interesting to see how the place has changed
🕐 12-24-15 6:10 PMdalth500
Cranes HK Central
Where's Waldo though? haha
🕐 11-21-15 6:18 PMdalth500
State of emergency
The world we live in - perfect juxtaposition of soldiers and the graffiti
🕐 11-12-15 4:16 PMdalth500
Photo 46242
Interesting use DOF
🕐 11-10-15 9:40 AMdalth500
Photo 46191
Superb work
🕐 10-31-15 11:46 PMdalth500
Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass
Camjones - the D800e platform has large megapixel sensor and when coupled with Zeiss glass it can deliver images that approach larger medium format equipment such as Hasselblad - I have found that the dynamic range of the camera is as or perhaps more important that absolute sensor megapixel size. The D800e has superb dynamic range that allows for incredible flexibility in high contrast settings like high key mountains and dark shadows in the forests. Thanks for taking a look at my work!
🕐 10-15-15 12:59 PMdalth500
Toggenburg 2
By: donuss
I like the atmosphere !
popflash photo
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