Comments by John Paquette

🕐 11-20-17 11:18 AMjjpaque03
Photo 21200
Very good capture. The three red doors and tacks - what a great find.
🕐 11-20-17 11:14 AMjjpaque03
By: morgan
Very good work.
🕐 11-20-17 11:07 AMjjpaque03
Photo 5803
The photo capture of the skin, hair and the eyes are very pleasant. Very good work.
🕐 05-9-17 12:48 PMjjpaque03
Photo 53555
By: jeroen
Beautiful. The photo has such a nice softness with the muted colors and the fog.
🕐 10-21-15 12:09 PMjjpaque03
Stokksnes Vestrahorn
Very nice photo.
🕐 10-3-14 11:44 AMjjpaque03
Photo 40356
I really enjoy this kind of photo. I have enjoyed a number of your others. Very nice work.
🕐 10-3-14 11:43 AMjjpaque03
Prairie monuments
very good photo
🕐 10-3-14 11:42 AMjjpaque03
Photo 40353
Very nice colors and textures.
🕐 09-22-14 2:09 PMjjpaque03
By: reds
very nice portrait. Would you let me know how you set your lights? I will guess, beauty dish and back light .
🕐 09-8-14 1:26 PMjjpaque03
Photo 39964
i really like your photo. I like the use of dark and bright areas.
🕐 09-8-14 1:21 PMjjpaque03
Elisse @ 8th StarMagic Ball
very nice photo, very good lighting.
🕐 07-11-14 9:13 PMjjpaque03
very good photo. I enjoy scenes like this very much.
🕐 07-8-14 3:54 PMjjpaque03
Look at my eyes
By: stimp
Beautiful photo and such a good subject. Young girl, clear eyes and the future wonders in her life.
🕐 07-2-14 10:30 AMjjpaque03
Photo 39175
By: mict
Wonderful pose and lighting. I agree with Joe.
🕐 07-2-14 10:25 AMjjpaque03
By: donuss
🕐 07-2-14 10:20 AMjjpaque03
Photo 39185
very good B&W.
🕐 07-2-14 10:10 AMjjpaque03
Photo 39170
By: mict
Wow!! Very good lighting. As above soft and Creamy. Wonderfully sharp eyes....
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