Comments by David Hidding

🕐 11-20-15 3:14 PMdehidding
The Subway
Thanks, Hawkowl. There's no way I'd do that hike with a 4x5...uggh. I was certainly dead by the end of the day carrying a backpack with my DSLR and several lenses. Although, for all I know, the weight was the same. Anyways, thanks for the comment.
🕐 12-29-12 5:36 AMdehidding
Neat shot
🕐 12-29-12 5:35 AMdehidding
Japanese Bridge at Loose Park
Very nice
🕐 12-29-12 5:33 AMdehidding
In Honour of Reflecting
By: zeissy
Nice shot Carol, great colors.
🕐 12-29-12 5:32 AMdehidding
Garden of the Gods
Nice shot. Arches?
🕐 12-29-12 5:29 AMdehidding
good morning...
By: mibu
Wonderful shot
🕐 12-29-12 5:28 AMdehidding
Dawn over Hanalei, Kauai
Lovely green
🕐 12-29-12 5:27 AMdehidding
Interesting shot. Because the light is flat, there are few depth cues and the depth of field gets flattened; almost as if it was shot with a telephoto, not a wide angle.
🕐 12-29-12 5:17 AMdehidding
Morning in Padul
I like this shot. Could be a time warp. Might be interesting to see in B&W or sepia.
🕐 12-29-12 5:13 AMdehidding
By: donuss
Nice shot. Too bad the highlights in the sky blew out.
🕐 12-29-12 5:11 AMdehidding
Photo 23082
Nice shot. I would have cropped tighter to eliminate the hand in the Lower right.
🕐 12-29-12 5:04 AMdehidding
Light Yoga
By: muper
Nice composition.
🕐 12-29-12 5:03 AMdehidding
Remembering in Ostend
By: wem
Nice light.
🕐 12-29-12 5:00 AMdehidding
Photo 23208
Nice composition, well done.
🕐 12-29-12 4:52 AMdehidding
Lady Autumn
By: mict
Nice dreamy quality to your images. Well done.
🕐 12-29-12 4:50 AMdehidding
Photo 23236
By: mict
Charming shot.
🕐 12-29-12 4:49 AMdehidding
Photo 23237
By: mict
Interesting shot, nice quality to the light. Not sure I like the object she's holding that left black feathers on her dress.
🕐 12-29-12 4:43 AMdehidding
Pakistani Market Porter
Nice shot, how's it look in B&W ?
🕐 12-29-12 4:41 AMdehidding
By: donuss
Wonderful image.
🕐 12-29-12 4:40 AMdehidding
Fascination for all ages
Nice shot in what is typically a difficult environment.
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