Comments by Anthony

🕐 12-14-12 7:49 AManthony-se
Photo 5936
I so like the visual contrast between the beautifully dressed (and beautiful) young woman and the gentleman playing the wood flute; superb juxtaposition of polarities.
🕐 12-14-12 7:32 AManthony-se
Photo 5930
Very well seen :) I really appreciate the simplicity and therefore the visual strength of your pictures

🕐 04-28-12 5:01 AManthony-se
Manhattan Bridge
Solitude of the runner; beautiful work, sir.
🕐 04-11-12 12:45 PManthony-se
Photo 19621
By: akul
superb symmetry
🕐 03-13-12 3:14 PManthony-se
Photo 19140
By: akul
popflash photo
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