Comments by David Gautreaux

🕐 12-14-11 4:25 PMdaveaux419
Mocking bird mocking
I am very new to the photography world, 3 months. I thought this photo was pretty good but it looks like somebody did not think so. Any help would be great explaining to me what makes this a not so good photo.
🕐 12-6-11 5:24 AMdaveaux419
The light was perfect on this shot, lucky really.
🕐 12-6-11 4:48 AMdaveaux419
I did it after I loaded the photo. I forgot and when I looked on the site I said the same thing, I need to denoise. The photo was taken while walking. I just turned and took the shot. Now I wish I would have actually taken my time to get the exposure correct and not have so much camera shake.
🕐 11-30-11 6:26 AMdaveaux419
Blue Rain
Thanks J, it had just stopped raining and the light was perfectly soft for the shot.
popflash photo
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