Comments by Peter Gruener

🕐 04-18-16 8:59 PMpetergruener
torralba wrote:

Love the lighting. Glad to see another D5 :)\n\n\n

Thanks. The light is all natural and the D5 is getting more and more loved. It will be probably my primary camera for these kind of shootings.
🕐 04-17-12 9:18 AMpetergruener
Evening Walk in Nice
Yes, I do love the 35mm 1.4 though for some images I would have wished to bring the 21mm 2.8.
NIK Color Efex Pro 4.0 made some nice enhancement to add some additional emotion to my images.
🕐 04-16-12 8:54 PMpetergruener
Evening Walk in Nice
No. It's not a HDR image. Just two filters/recipes with NIK Color Efex Pro 4.
🕐 12-31-11 7:32 AMpetergruener
Ludwigshafen@Night IV
In the original image you see some weak stars patterns on the smaller lights to the left but they are barely visible and vanish in the surrounding light.
🕐 12-24-11 2:50 PMpetergruener
Harpersfield Covered Bridge, Ohio
Outstandig. I really like the colors.
🕐 12-21-11 10:59 PMpetergruener
Candle light mass
I really like the symmetric look of that image. Well done.
🕐 12-4-11 6:32 AMpetergruener
Ludwigshafen@Night VI
This is the BASF taken from the other side of the river Rhine. ISO200 was an accident. However, I do like the little grain in the sky that comes with the postprocessing using NIK Software.
🕐 12-4-11 2:49 AMpetergruener
The velky nudes
By: mandas
I love the pose, the strong contrast and lighting as well as the additional grain addedd through Silver Efex. It's an outstanding photograph.
🕐 12-1-11 11:43 PMpetergruener
Excellent shot...
🕐 11-27-11 10:48 AMpetergruener
Ludwigshafen@Night II
I love the WB as it is and the additional postprocessing with Photoshop and NIK Software. Therefore, I will create a whole series about various places in this town - also known as BASF-City ;-).
I used a Gitzo GT2530 with a BH-55 ballhead from ReallyRightStuff for this shot. Ususally, I do have a more sturdy one but I wanted to go light.
🕐 11-27-11 12:39 AMpetergruener
Ludwigshafen@Night II
Thanks for your comment. Some other forums say that the WB is not correct. I really like it the way it is.
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