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🕐 12-24-11 1:46 AMsnaprat
Photo 14105
Thank you Martin! It always puts a smile on my face this one!
🕐 12-24-11 1:44 AMsnaprat
Shipyard Worker Dhaka Port
Thanks Sham :-)
🕐 12-22-11 6:59 AMsnaprat
Street Guru Hyderabad
Thanks Steve! :-)
🕐 11-25-11 8:34 AMsnaprat
The Withdrawal Room, Avebury Manor, Wiltshire, England
Even Better. Fantastic! :-)
🕐 11-25-11 8:33 AMsnaprat
Billiard Room, Avebury Manor, Wiltshire, England
🕐 11-6-11 7:53 AMsnaprat
Sunday Morning Papers Delhi Style
Thank you Steve! :-)
🕐 10-22-11 7:14 AMsnaprat
Rough Day Bangalore
Thanks Nomad! :-)
🕐 10-4-11 8:58 AMsnaprat
The Grand Hotel Jersey Chandelier
Thanks Debbie and Steve, much appreciated. I agree it's often the place most ignored!
🕐 10-4-11 8:47 AMsnaprat
Florence Procter
Thanks Steve :-)
🕐 09-22-11 3:21 PMsnaprat
Photo 14103
Thanks Phil and Steve :-)
🕐 09-22-11 1:42 PMsnaprat
Tea for one, St Pancreas London
Hi Russel, sorry for the long delay in replying. Glad you like the shot. He does look like one of the Marx brothers you're right! :-) No sadly didn't get another as I was sat in a hotel lobby people watching when I saw him.
🕐 09-22-11 1:27 PMsnaprat
Relaxing Sunday
Thanks JT and Debbie. As every day goes by I love film more and more. There's something about it I can't get from digital no matter how hard I try!
🕐 09-13-11 5:55 AMsnaprat
Relaxing Sunday
Thanks Joey! He's my Dad so I hope he is timeless!! :-)
🕐 09-12-11 7:30 AMsnaprat
Quite exceptional.
🕐 09-6-11 8:08 AMsnaprat
Preston Epstein American Travel Specialist
Thank you Luka and Steve. Steve, I completely agree with you that printing images is one of the most rewarding parts of photography and that it is almost a dying art. Thank you for your comments though as I really do appreciate the time you take to look. Kind regards
🕐 09-6-11 8:04 AMsnaprat
Bruce Poole Chef Patron Chez Bruce London
Thank you Steve, I really appreciate your comments.
🕐 09-6-11 8:04 AMsnaprat
Paddy the Gardner at Bovey Castle Devon
Hi yes it is. It was taken with a 50mm CFI Carl Zeiss Lens.
🕐 08-29-11 1:57 PMsnaprat
Journalist and Broadcaster Sandy Gall
Hi Derek,

Yes shot in the recess of a large window. Even then it was a struggle!
🕐 08-28-11 1:56 AMsnaprat
The Art Life
It's sad for me when the first thing I look for is what the camera is. :-)
🕐 08-26-11 3:19 PMsnaprat
High Contrast Dani
popflash photo

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