Comments by Peter

🕐 10-30-13 8:08 AMstevox
Fall in Colorado
By: gregg
Very nice Photo and colors.
🕐 08-15-13 12:47 AMstevox
Photo 16144
By: jeroen
Very nice, great colors and lightning.
🕐 02-6-12 1:06 PMstevox
The High Altar, Bristol Cathedral
Nice photo, very sharp as usual, I look at the other Photo's from you.
Most of the time you are shooting with F8 , F11 maybe the sweetspot for the zeiss 21mm ?
🕐 01-31-12 10:05 PMstevox
Got Gas?
Nice picture, something different than usually.
🕐 01-17-12 2:35 PMstevox
I like the colors, very nice..
🕐 01-14-12 12:44 AMstevox
Windmills in Holland 1
By: stevox
Shot with a b+W ND106, shuttertime 25 sec.
🕐 01-14-12 12:32 AMstevox
Photo 18078
Very nice shot.
🕐 01-14-12 12:29 AMstevox
Windmills in Holland
By: stevox
Shot with a b+W ND106, shuttertime 8 sec.
🕐 01-3-12 10:44 PMstevox
Photo 17900
By: joecan
Very nice picture.
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