Comments by Andre

🕐 06-1-13 1:00 PMcobra
Photo 29094
nice shot but i can,t see the eyes very good and that,s what gives
a wow factor
i would crop it more above her head because er is a lot of green now but your model is also can use a golden umbrella for flash so the skintones are more nicer than.

But this is what i should do, it.s still your picture!
🕐 06-1-13 12:48 PMcobra
Photo 29093
nice portretshot but use the strengt of de 100 mm planar and shoot at max f4 so you isolate your model from the background.i like her and not the brickwall behind her.
🕐 06-1-13 12:39 PMcobra
The APO 135/2.0 in low low light, HH.
very nice picture, amazing iso and softness.
but the 800e en CZ are a very good combination.
🕐 06-1-13 12:33 PMcobra
Photo 29229
By: donuss
nice picture of a natural beauty.
lovely bokeh, have the same 100mm planar and it,s a great lens!
🕐 09-30-11 1:49 PMcobra
My daughter Natalie
By: cobra

Was natural light a bit softer because the curtains were in front of it.
popflash photo

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