Comments by David Aguado Martin-forero

🕐 07-19-19 12:40 AMkanzer16
Photo 102715
Thank you
🕐 04-26-19 10:37 AMkanzer16
Photo 102167
I've had it for a while, but I like it more every day.
Thank you for your comment.
🕐 01-6-18 1:57 AMkanzer16
Good timing picked up
🕐 01-6-18 1:36 AMkanzer16
Vestrahorn in Iceland
Congratulations on the photo and the award
🕐 12-23-17 10:41 AMkanzer16
Retrato en blanco y negro
hyperfocal wrote:

Unusual perspective. I like it.\n\n\n

🕐 12-23-17 10:38 AMkanzer16
Skagsanden Beach Lofoten
A beautiful image!
🕐 12-22-17 1:07 AMkanzer16
Puesta de sol de enero del 2017
Thank you hyperfocal and berto for your comments and stroop for your like
🕐 12-22-17 1:04 AMkanzer16
Retrato en blanco y negro
i1rsv wrote:


🕐 12-7-17 9:27 AMkanzer16
By: west
Beautiful portrait and model
🕐 12-7-17 9:25 AMkanzer16
Hvítserkur- The Troll of North-West Iceland
🕐 12-7-17 9:23 AMkanzer16
Þóristindur - Highlands Iceland
beautiful light
🕐 12-7-17 9:16 AMkanzer16
Retrato en blanco y negro
Aprovechando la luz de una ventana.
Sony A7R con Konica Hexanon AR 135mm F3,2
🕐 12-7-17 9:13 AMkanzer16
Puesta de sol de enero del 2017
Puesta de sol en una fria tarde de enero.
Sony A7R con Super Wide Heliar aspherical III 15mm F4 E-mount
🕐 04-9-16 1:43 AMkanzer16
BAM ILCE7r + Tokina 90mm
The first three letters correspond to the initials of the full name.
The rest are used for the camera (Sony A7R) and the target (Tokina AT-X 90mm macro)
Thank you for the comment and I like
🕐 01-21-16 9:55 AMkanzer16
The Sanctuary of Oliver's Castle
Nice picture
🕐 01-21-16 9:46 AMkanzer16
1 1/2
I love processing
🕐 01-21-16 9:42 AMkanzer16
Eternal Flow
By: luca.f
nice light!
🕐 12-28-15 10:45 AMkanzer16
By: stroop
Nice picture.
My sincerest congratulations.
🕐 10-27-15 11:45 AMkanzer16
Photo 45800
Pretty colors and bokeh
🕐 10-13-15 12:08 AMkanzer16
El Escorial -A7r+Olympus OM Zuiko 21mm-
Sony ILCE-7r con Olympus OM-System Zuiko Auto-W 21mm F3,5 más Big Stopper e Hitech ND6

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