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🕐 07-1-14 2:32 PMtaz_k
Photo 37129
By: taz_k
Thanks! Photo is taken at Lofoten, Norway. Close to Reine.
🕐 03-24-14 7:30 AMtaz_k
Photo 37124
By: taz_k
Thanks, it was an amazing morning! It's from Reine at Lofoten, taken in late february.
🕐 03-23-14 11:08 AMtaz_k
Photo 37125
By: taz_k
Thanks for your kind comments. It's taken in Reine (Lofoten), Norway. Saw a weak northern light from the room where I was staying and decided to go outside. It then intensified quite a bit.
Picture is one exposure, tripod, 30s, f2.8. I think longer exposure would have ruined the nice patterns.
This is suppose to be a fairly common sight in northern Norway/Sweden during winter. Go there!
🕐 03-23-14 10:57 AMtaz_k
Photo 37127
By: taz_k
Thanks. Lofoten is an amazing place. This one is taken at Unstad.
🕐 03-23-14 10:54 AMtaz_k
Photo 37128
By: taz_k
Thanks Donuss. It was a pretty common sight.
🕐 11-7-11 12:47 PMtaz_k
Photo 11113
By: taz_k
Thanks again! Enjoying this site a lot!
🕐 11-7-11 12:46 PMtaz_k
Photo 11280
By: taz_k
Thanks!! Playing with the bokeh of 35/1.4 can be a lot of fun.
🕐 07-28-11 12:17 PMtaz_k
Photo 13299
By: taz_k
Thanks! It's taken at VesterĂ¥len in Norway.
🕐 06-11-11 12:34 AMtaz_k
Wow! Amazing light and composition
🕐 06-5-11 7:01 AMtaz_k
Photo 11799
Very nice composition! Without doubt a favourite.
🕐 06-5-11 6:59 AMtaz_k
Photo 10608
Wow! Very nice picture of impressive building!
🕐 06-3-11 10:14 AMtaz_k
jena sonnar mc 135/3.5
Amazing combination of bubbles and bokeh. Very nice work!
🕐 05-27-11 11:46 PMtaz_k
Photo 11420
By: taz_k
Thanks! I just can't get enough of the 35/1.4 bokeh. I guess you share that experience :-)
🕐 05-27-11 11:44 PMtaz_k
Country Roads
Amazing portrait! The modell is very good in front of the camera. Also like the post-processing.
🕐 05-22-11 3:58 AMtaz_k
Mostnica Twirl
Great shot! Love the colors and the whirling effect that is captured with the long exposure really adds to the picture. Good job!
🕐 05-14-11 11:37 AMtaz_k
Photo 11064
By: JT
Very nice portrait with just the right depth of field!

Have been looking at your other shots with new 35/1.4 as well and it seems to be a winner. Congrats!
🕐 05-14-11 11:30 AMtaz_k
Photo 11113
By: taz_k
Thanks!! Your comments made my day :-)

Just found this site and it's already a favourite. Especially that there are quite a few pictures taken with the new 35/1.4.
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