Comments by Hans Gershom Geldmacher

🕐 11-17-11 10:07 AMhagel
Photo 16184
By: donuss
great composition
🕐 08-19-11 10:24 AMhagel
Photo 13781
By: hagel
Thanks jeocan and redskeeter
🕐 08-6-11 2:47 PMhagel
Butterfly 1
By: donuss
very nice shot
🕐 07-17-11 6:28 AMhagel
Wonder off the nature
By: joecan
Wonderful colours, great composition. I'm overhelmed!
🕐 06-30-11 8:57 AMhagel
Photo 12533
By: akul
a very good comment about the effectiveness of the police. great picture
🕐 06-30-11 8:53 AMhagel
Heidelberg, bridge above Neckar river
By: joecan
very nice picture from the old bridge.
🕐 06-29-11 11:57 AMhagel
Romantic castle parc
Very nice picture, I like this romantic shots :)
🕐 06-24-11 3:11 AMhagel
By: joecan
a very great picture of the a organ I know. Near it I was born :)
🕐 06-24-11 2:58 AMhagel
By: donuss
a great series, which comes over very strongly in black ans white
🕐 06-17-11 5:15 AMhagel
By: donuss
where did you find the blue feather - excellent
🕐 06-17-11 4:53 AMhagel
Sephardische Synagoge Berlin #4
By: hagel
Hi chriseeo,

thank you for your kindly comment. Let me try to give a short anwer on your question (some people wrote whole books on this issue):

The man on the picture is wearing a tallit (prayer shawl with four fringes at the edges) and teffilin (philacteries) on his left arm and on his head. Jewish men are obliged to wear tallit and teffilin together during the morning prayer (schacharit) on weekdays.

The tallit with the fringes is worn so that one remembers to keep G'ds laws and to strive for holiness in this way.

The teffilin for the left arm and for the head consists of leather straps, where two small boxes are attached. The boxes contain pieces of parchment with biblical passages (Exodus 13,9 and 13,16; Deuteronomium 6,8 and 11,18). There is written, that Jews should attache a sign (symbol) on their hands and between their eyes in order to obey G'ds commandments and to remember, that He has freed them from slavery in Egypt and has led them into the holy land.
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