Comments by Eric

🕐 01-5-13 4:49 PMericpmoss
Photo 25524
I love it -- beautiful color that MF seems to do so well, and I really like the 6x7 format.
🕐 12-29-12 11:32 AMericpmoss
Tetons at Sunset
Thanks for the kind words. It's hard to see in a small jpg, but the negative shows a few more levels of tonality in the border between hills and lake.
🕐 12-1-12 7:28 PMericpmoss
I love it. That yellow glow is supernatural, in a good way (not HDR-ish).
🕐 12-1-12 7:25 PMericpmoss
Lovely sense of isolation and space, like 3 worlds impinging on each other.
🕐 12-1-12 7:13 PMericpmoss
Stormy Sky, Sizewell, UK
I love the brooding clouds -- real just-before-the-end-of-the-world foreboding. If there weren't man-made things in the scene, I'd give it at least 5/5.
🕐 12-1-12 7:01 PMericpmoss
Dog Vader
By: j-b
I love the subtlety of the lighting -- it's like a drawing where the subject is defined by where it isn't. Neat.
🕐 12-1-12 6:53 PMericpmoss
Zen Moment
Pretty awesome, IMO. I like my entry (else I wouldn't have entered it), but this is fantastic. Other entries are also beautiful, but I'm trying to limit my votes to those adhering to the emphasis on light itself rather than action or texture or inherent subject interest, ie babes.
🕐 06-26-11 9:06 AMericpmoss
Lake Tahoe, Afternoon
Oddly enough, that is my favorite cloud out of the whole set. Too bad we can't just order the others to frame it nicely.

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